I read with complete disbelief about the appointment of former Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy as the next chancellor of the University of Maine System (May 30).

The Board of Trustees should be fired for not doing their due diligence on the former governor. The university system will suffer under any changes this man offers. If you think the system’s $3 million shortfall is bad, wait until you see what this man will do in just one year. His answer is: Spend and spend some more until you are drowning in red ink.

I happen to be a former resident of Connecticut and watched him destroy the state as governor. He had no answers for the unfunded liabilities that are out of control or the rising property taxes forcing many residents to flee the state. At the end of his eight years in office, he had a performance disapproval rating in the 80 percent range, ranking him as one of the worst governors in the country.

Chancellor Malloy has two strikes against him: He is a lawyer and a politician. Need I say more?

Ellyn Hamel


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