Maine voters are interested in a change candidate who will bring common sense to the Republican Donald Trump-Mitch McConnell Senate and will help break the stalemate and obstructionism that McConnell has fostered. Mainers long for a senator who will vote with Maine voters in mind and who is focused on what is important to our state.

While Sen. Susan Collins used to be a powerful political force, the latest poll, released last weekend by Critical Insights, indicates that 42 percent of Mainers disapprove of Ms. Collins’ job performance while an eyebrow-raising 41 percent approve, a huge fall in confidence from polls conducted immediately after the Brett Kavanaugh vote.

A war chest awaits the eventual nominee to oppose the senator; her opponent will also have an army at the ready that will work tirelessly to defeat MINO (Moderate in name only) Collins.

It’s time for a change.

Terry Dubois


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