SOUTH PORTLAND ?— More than 30 residents Tuesday urged city councilors to reconsider amendments to parking rules on several streets.

The City Council amended several proposed changes after hearing residents speak.

“Parking should be allowed on both sides of the street,” resident Michael Hussey said about proposed Willard Street changes. “It’s one of the widest streets in the neighborhood, very close to the beach, and if you open up more space for cars to drive, they will go faster, and speeding will become a lot easier.”

Councilors first discussed the 32 parking provision changes at a May 21 workshop, where Police Chief Edward Googins introduced several recommended updates to the city’s parking schedule.

After the council provided guidance to staff on the items during the workshop, resident John Murphy requested two additional changes to Willard Street and Willow Street.

Councilors voted to amend proposed parking for nine streets – Jerry Avenue, Wescott Street, Willard Street, Willard Haven Road, Fisherman’s Lane, Front Street, Adelbert Street, Alton Avenue and Huntress Avenue.

Councilors voted unanimously to pass all other proposed parking ordinances 5-2, with Councilors April Caricchio and Kate Lewis opposed.

Last fall, police volunteer David Twombly conducted a citywide review of areas that were designated as no parking and documented areas in which signs prohibiting were in place. Twombly also found several city streets with signs that were put up by residents.

After the Department of Public Works installed city signs prohibiting parking in those areas, members of the public complained about their placement.

In a letter to City Manager Scott Morelli on May 2, Googins proposed an additional ordinance to authorize signs to be installed that prohibited parking within a 30-foot distance from any intersection, since many areas of the city do not have those signs placed appropriately.

Notices of the proposed changes were sent to all property owners on each street listed in the chief’s memo, as well as those on Mussey Street, Gerry Avenue, Willow Street, Willard Street, Aspen Avenue and Thirlmere Avenue.

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