Ecomaine’s recycling program includes various forms of paper, plastic, metal and glass. Use ecomaine’s free Recyclopedia mobile app, available at, to check if individual items are recyclable.

• Recyclable items may be mixed, but no items should be larger than a 5-gallon bucket.

• Most forms of paper are OK, including books, newspapers, magazines, mail, milk cartons and paper plates, and cardboard. However, paper towels, napkins and tissues should not be placed in recycling bins.

• Plastic detergent, milk and water bottles can be recycled, along with other rigid plastic containers, as long as they’re marked with 1-7 in a recycling triangle.

• Ecomaine doesn’t recycle any plastic bags, films or wraps, flexible plastic packaging, plastic cutlery, straws, stirrers or coffee cup covers, or polystyrene foam. Maine retailers are required by law to accept and recycle plastic bags.

• Tin cans, aerosol cans (empty), aluminum cans and foil, pots and pans are recyclable.

• All glass bottles and jars are allowed, in all colors, with the lids on.

• All containers should be empty and rinsed but don’t have to be perfectly clean.

• Ecomaine doesn’t recycle food waste or trash; paper napkins or towels; waxed paper or boxes; wood, wire, rope, scrap metal, appliances, toys, tools, televisions, computers, bedding, curtains, rugs, clothing, shoes or accessories.

• Also unacceptable is any hazardous waste such as hypodermic needles, ammunition, antifreeze, fluorescent bulbs, fuel, mercury, paint thinner, pesticides, batteries, propane or other gas tanks.

• To learn more, go to, call 773-1738 or seek recycling resources at your municipal office, transfer station or website.

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