“There is no terror in the bang, only in the anticipation of it.”

Alfred Hitchcock, Master of suspense

The first time I ever lit a firecracker I was anticipating the big bang that it would make. Lucky for me the firecracker wasn’t a big one and when I lit the fuse it immediately exploded. It scared the bejesus out of me without doing any permanent damage. I have no love of anticipation.

On Election Day, June 11, I was full of anticipation. I had at least three things to accomplish and by some kind of miracle I did. The first was traveling to Saco for a fasting blood test, which I consider torture because I know that I will not get my morning coffee fix for at least a couple of hours (So please don’t cross my path on those days, at least until I have at least one cup.) The only problems with that trip were the heavy downpours in several places and that I had no clue that a section of Route 1 was under construction at the Scarborough and Old Orchard line. I absolutely detest being late for any appointment, but I made it on time.

My second task was to renew my driver’s license, something I have feared about ever since receiving my license nearly 55 years ago. I had fears of long lines, failing the eye test and not having the right documents with me in order to complete the task at hand. It was a wet and miserable morning again and because my body has somehow become a weathervane when the weather is bad so is my mood. To my great surprise when I entered the Scarborough Division of the Bureau of Motor Vehicles it was almost empty. After a few minutes my number was called and I was done and out the door. The person working there was very friendly and informative so the entire process was outstanding. After returning to Windham I spoke with a few people and they stated they experienced the same thing. That’s good.

My third task of the day was to go and vote on the proposed RSU 14 budget. My biggest anticipation when going to the polls is meeting candidates I don’t like who expect me to shake their hands and then those who want me to sign their petitions. The big disappointment was when I voted there were only a couple of other people there voting. My wife stated the same and a good friend did, too. I don’t know whether the low turnout was because people think our elected officials are doing such a great job, they are far too busy to vote, the weather was horrible or that they just don’t care anymore, which is sad. I expect the Windham Town Meeting probably had even less of a turnout.

One thing I didn’t anticipate was Windham town councilors reconsidering the decision to not let contractor services in the C-3 Zone. I was surprised but they did overturn that decision, legally I hope.

Lane Hiltunen of Windham believes it’s high time to move Windham’s town budget to the polls.

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