Toby Holt was given the Pride and Character Award for his play with Freeport’s baseball team this spring. File photo.

Freeport made the playoffs in just about every sport this spring and several top athletes were honored at the school’s awards night last month.

The Falcons baseball team reached the state final for just the second time ever and gave the Coach’s Award to Heath Cockburn, the Most Improved Player Award to Anthony Panciocco, the Pride and Character Award to Toby Holt and the Kovall Wentworth Award to Shea Wagner.

The baseball junior varsity team’s Athletic Excellence Awards went to Colin Cronin and Nate Davis. The Pride and Character Award was given to Gardy Converse.

Softball enjoyed one of its most competitive seasons in years and gave its Most Valuable Player Award to Alexa Koenig, its Best Defensive Player Award to Alexys Langley and the Pride and Character Award to Jaclyn Burke.

The JV squad gave Athletic Excellence Awards to Kayla Bernier and Jacqueline Minien. The Pride and Character Award went to Selena Cummings.

Boys’ tennis made it to the regional final and gave Coach’s Awards to Wes Goodwin and Liam Gould. Aaron Rusiecki was given the Booster’s Pride and Character Award.

The girls’ squad also made the playoffs. Becca Pierce was the winner of the No Guts No Glory award. Hannah Giroux was named Unsung Hero. Maya Dowling-Wolfe was given the Pride and Character Award.

Track and field’s Finish Line Awards went to Edie Hayden-Hunt and Adam Ulrickson. Starting Block Awards were given to Martin Horne and Emily Pagnano. Booster’s Pride and Character Awards went to Lilly Horne and Nick Mitch.

Boys’ lacrosse was a playoff team as well. The team’s Head, Heart and Hustle Awards were given to Deven Hannan and Sam Larochelle. Kaleb Barrett was given the Pride and Character Award.

Girls’ lacrosse lost in the state quarterfinals. The team gave Allison Greuel its Head, Heart and Hustle Award. Molly Whelan won the Game Changer Award and Grace Zachau took home the Pride and Character Award.

The JV team gave its Heart and Hustle Award to Ellie Whittier, its Rookie of the Year Award to Carly Intraversato and its Pride and Character Award to Abby Miller.

All Sports Boosters scholarship recipients were given to Allison Greuel, Lilly Horne, Alexa Koenig, Alex Les, Nick Mitch, Margaret Perrotta, Eriksen Shea and Shea Wagner.

Paul Biberstein, Allison Greuel, Lilly Horne and Aaron Rusiecki won the Max Thomas Ski Scholarship.

Lilly Horne and Eriksen Shea were named Senior Athletes of the Year.

Freeport Middle School gave Athletic Excellence Awards to the following:

8th grade boys’ lacrosse Jack DiRusso and Max Peters
8th grade girls’ lacrosse Kate Tracy and Chloe White
7th grade boys’ lacrosse Noah Michaud and Andrew Oshetski
7th grade girls’ lacrosse Pearl Peterson and Riley Sterling
8th grade baseball Zane Aguiar and Aiden Heath
7th grade baseball Tristan Francis and Christopher Murphy
Softball Hailey LaMontagne and Amanda Panciocco
Spring boys’ track Henry Horne and Evan Mahaney
Spring girls’ track Luci Bourgeois and Mia Hornschild-Bear
Boys’ indoor track Henry Horne and Michael Rouleau
Girls’ indoor track Taryn Curry and Emily Olson

Freeport Middle School Pride and Character Awards went to the following:

8th grade boys’ lacrosse Logan Shultz
8th grade girls’ lacrosse Madeline Knight
7th grade boys’ lacrosse Colby Bourgoin
7th grade girls’ lacrosse Kassidy Nobles
8th grade baseball Gabriel Silva
7th grade baseball Bobby Pawlowski
7th/8th grade softball Rosie Paneka
Outdoor track Will Spaulding
Boys’ indoor track James Coffin
Girls’ indoor track Katie Battarbee and Ellie Battarbee

Henry Horne and Kate Tracy and were named Freeport Middle School 8th grade Athletes of the Year.

Durham Community School gave Tiger Pride Awards to the following:

Boys’ outdoor track Ian Moore
Girls’ outdoor track Lucy Bradford and Claire Nadeau
Baseball Zachary Gardner, Joshua Merrill and Harry Walker
Sofball Ava Gervais, Katie Roy ad Devyn Russell


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