The transport of hundreds of Congolese to Portland, Maine, is astonishing and troubling. It demonstrates how chaotic our legal immigration system is and how little our elected officials care to repair that system or protect the interests of Maine citizens.

In a cohesive community committed to the preservation of what ancestors created for their posterity, the event should have provoked alarm, if not outrage. The reaction of our politicians, media and humanitarian activists has been completely contrary to common sense and prudence.

If one subsidizes and encourages an activity, then there will be surely more of that activity. UNICEF projects the population of Africa to quadruple from 1 billion to 4 billion in the next 80 years. That should cause concern about the economic, social and environmental impact of encouraging foreigners to take advantage of our foolish and naively generous immigration laws.

Those laws desperately need change, and we need to find the collective wisdom and will to elect leaders with the fortitude and rectitude to protect the culture of our forebears and inheritance of our children and grandchildren.

Charles Day


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