Hello, I am writing in response to the article about Randall Hunt (FL) and his racist behaviour towards Shay Stewart-Bouley. It is incredibly hostile journalism to include a photo of the victim and her disclose her location!

The white perpetrator is treated with more respect in this article. This article is an example of white supremacy and how Black people are always treated with less respect than white people, even when the former is the victim.

Please examine your bias in the future.

Betsy Ball


Note from the editor:

We erred in the way we presented Saturday’s story about a racist incident on Peaks Island. We should not have used Shay Stewart-Bouley’s photo, and we should have focused more on the suspect than on her. When we realized our errors in judgment Saturday morning, we immediately made changes to the online version of the story. We are discussing the lapses and will address them so they can be avoided in the future. We offer our apology to Ms. Stewart-Bouley.

Cliff Schechtman

Executive Editor

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