WESTBROOK — Idexx CEO Jon Ayers is being treated at a rehabilitation center following a bike accident on June 27 that left him with a severe injury to his spinal cord.

Ayers has been on medical leave since the accident, which, he said, left him with little to no feeling in his legs, arms or torso. No details of the accident have been released.

Idexx CEO Jon Ayers has been on medical leave since late June after a bike accident that left him with serious injuries to his spine. Courtesy photo

In a statement to the press, Ayers says he did not suffer a traumatic brain injury during a routine bike ride that took a turn for the worse.

“I am currently at a world-class spinal cord injury rehabilitation center, one of the very best in the country. Spinal cord injuries are highly complex and each case is unique,” Ayers said. “With full-time rehab, I expect to recover some neuromuscular capability, but the exact nature of any rehab is unique to the individual and injury. While I can’t put a precise timeline on my rehab process, based on the feedback I have received from my doctors and the rehab center staff, they currently expect my full-time rehab process to take three to five months.”

Ayers said in the statement that he has been in close contact with corporate leadership at his pet health care company and intends “to return to Idexx as soon as I’m able.”

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