The recent legislative session showed us all again the danger of one-party rule. While the excess spending and agenda that drove legislation was predictable after the November election, it still was difficult to experience and live through. When even one right is taken away, it is a tragedy; this year we saw continual assaults on First Amendment, parental rights and religious freedoms. You lost many rights as this session closed in June.

You are invited to join us in utilizing our citizen rights to tell this Legislature that they made mistakes. That the rights listed above were put into our system as simple acknowledgments by the founders that God gave us these rights and that no politician can take them away.

Petitions are circulating to turn back laws that passed creating taxpayer funding for abortion (LD 820), physician-assisted suicide (LD 1313) and the removal of exemptions for vaccinations (LD 798). Signing the petitions simply say you would like these issues to be placed on a future statewide ballot so that the people can have a say.

Petitions are circulating throughout the state. If you would like to sign onto one or all three of these petitions contact me at [email protected] Thank you and God bless you.

Mike McClellan

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