I am writing to comment on the noise levels and vibrations from the recent concerts at Rock Row.

I live in the Nasons Corner neighborhood near Evergreen Cemetery. The noise and vibrations have not enabled me to enjoy my personal entertainment in my home even with the windows and doors closed. I have not been able to go to bed until the concerts have ended, Many, not all, of my neighbors are experiencing the same.

I understand the positive economic impact this has on the area. I also know that some of my neighbors enjoy hearing the music. However, a line must be drawn when it impacts the ability of homeowners to enjoy the shelter of their homes.

I know that I have been one of the many who have called the Concert Hot Line to complain. I am not sure if the complaints are being taken seriously as the sound levels have not decreased. At this time I do not have a solution short of lowering the volume and decreasing the bass level during the shows.

I am not looking forward the next few weekends as there are many shows scheduled. I would not be heartbroken if they were canceled. This would bring peace to my neighborhood.

Richard Fischer


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