I can’t believe that the Town Council in Gorham, traditionally a “farming town,” is debating the fate of a family who wants to keep their pet mini-pig in their yard. Let’s get real here: the family is not starting a pig farm (though pig farms do exist in farming communities), the mini-pig is a family’s pet.

With all the other major issues that the town needs to focus on, such as unbridled growth of the human population here (for example, 16 “house-a-minimums” on the Grady land),  explosive growth in school age students requiring millions in new schools or building renovations, and the loss of the “Village” atmosphere disappearing here in town, is the debate on possession of a mini-pig really what our town councilors consider a priority here in Gorham?

My wife and I are retired residents in the village concerned about our ability to keep up with paying our ever increasing taxes. We want our councilors to focus on keeping our taxes affordable, not to worry about a pet mini-pig.

Think about it!

Steven C. Pomelow

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