In view of the continuing mass shootings, it is apparent that a new approach is warranted to minimize or possibly eliminate this problem. As a basis for realistic legislation to solve this problem, I offer the following proposal:

Any firearm in any person’s possession (with the exception of law enforcement personnel) must be manually reloaded after being discharged, each time, with two exceptions.

First, all semi-automatic or fully automatic firearms (eg. AK-47s) must be securely stored in a facility (such as a firing range or sporting club) licensed by the ATF and discharged only on the property.

Second, such firearms could be transported to another equally licensed facility for the purpose of competitive shooting. However, during such transportation, all such firearms (such as semi-automatic and fully automatic firearms) must be broken down and equipped with a locked trigger guard.

Such restrictions would not violate the 2nd Amendment (the right to bear arms). However, regardless of how the legislation was written, it surely would be rejected by the NRA, many members of Congress, and the general public.

Nevertheless, doing something as radical as the proposal suggests would be more effective than has been done since the 2012 Sandy Hook massacre.

David Starkweather


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