I would like to publicly thank the gentleman who called 9-1-1 in time to save my daughter’s life (and several other lives) on August 26 when a 
fire started in their apartment building in Topsham. 
Alfred Mateczun was the resident of the building who first called 9-1-1 when he heard smoke detectors going off. Thanks to his quick action and to the actions of Topsham Fire Department responders, the building was evacuated safely by the residents of 6 apartments and all of their pets. 
The fire department did a great job of containing the fire before it consumed the building. If they had not arrived when they did, the outcome would likely have been much more tragic. 
Each time I think what might have happened, I feel a wave of gratitude for Mr. Mateczun’s timely call and for the response of Topsham’s fine public servants. 
We are also grateful to the local American Red Cross chapter, who have provided assistance to the victims of this fire as they transition to new homes. 
Kay Mann,