With discord as daily news from Washington it is a pleasure to support five Westbrook citizens, Democrat and Republican, who are running as a team for City Council. The team is Ward 1 candidate Deb Shangraw, At-Large candidate Steve Willette, incumbent Mayor Mike Sanphy, mayoral candidate Phil Spiller and Ward 5 candidate Larry McWilliams.

Deb Shangraw explained the team approach – each candidate supporting each other regardless of party. She says the politics of Westbrook have been controlled for decades by one party with a lot of behind-the-scenes scheming and shenanigans going on: “I’ve lived it, watched it, and those working in and around this know it.”

Ms. Shangraw said, “We believe we are the best candidates running because we do not believe in voting the party line and we will not. Rather, we will vote for what is best for our city and its citizens.”

She continued, “We are individuals who are independent in our thoughts and actions, we don’t agree on all things but know how to discuss respectfully and openly and how to compromise. We won’t be part of taking people down, making threats about support ,or scheming behind the scenes to ensure our power.”

I personally find this team approach refreshing. On the campaign trail I’ve spoken to constituents who find it a positive move. This bodes well for the success of the next council and for the city of Westbrook.

Onward and upward!

Rose Marie Russell

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