I am not the type of person who normally pens letters in support of a candidate for office. I share a cynical skepticism that many fellow Gen-Xers have with regard to politicians and their intentions. And during these deeply divisive times, anything said can escalate quickly into an argument – lending further incentive to not write such a letter. That being said, I am writing in full support of Phil Spiller Jr.’s candidacy for mayor of Westbrook.

Having known Phil since childhood, I can certainly speak to the fact that I have never met anyone so passionate about Westbrook, its history and its future. More importantly though, I have never once heard him say anything partisan – not once. He simply doesn’t think that way. He doesn’t oppose others because he’s too busy working on the project at hand. This has lent itself to him having friends and associates from the full range of the political spectrum – and that is increasingly rare these days.

If you want a mayor who will stand on a box and speak to the wrongs of the world, Phil is not your candidate. Because honestly, he’ll be busy elsewhere – sitting in a planning meeting, leading another initiative or standing on a construction site. But if you want a true native son with an unmatched passion for Westbrook, please vote for Phil Spiller Jr. on Nov. 5 as Westbrook’s next mayor.

Jason D. Cassidy