When I learned that Phillip Spiller Jr. finally decided to run for mayor of Westbrook, I had mixed feelings of great sadness that his dad, the great Mayor Philip Spiller Sr., could not be here to see this moment and also elated excitement and hope for the possibilities that this man presents for the city of Westbrook. He announced at the perfect time. Westbrook is ready.
Knowing Spiller for most of his life from a child growing up and observing the work ethic of his dad, I see the former mayor in Phillip Jr., the same qualities, energy, honesty and courage, as well as being a tough, firm, excellent communicator who is able to bring opposing sides together for the common good while getting ideas to projects accomplished. He has big ideas which come true.
I often thought how former Mayor Spiller would have loved to tackle this challenge with the new resources, plans and growth now coming into this city. His son actually has delivered time and time again pushing through projects with a can-do attitude.  He loves the challenge. He reaches out across a variety of spectrums to push projects and advancements for the city, and he has been doing so for a long time as a private citizen.
The potential is there, and Spiller can carry the torch for the city. I fully support and endorse his candidacy.
Dr. Ron Allanach, Ed.D
Former Westbrook Chief of Police
Merida, Mexico