The recent op-ed published in the Portland Press Herald, “When it comes to helping Type 1 diabetes families, Sen. Collins is resting on her laurels” (Maine Voices, Oct. 18), does not tell the full story about Sen. Susan Collins’ commitment to helping people, like my son, with Type 1 diabetes.

Sen. Collins continues to lead the charge on renewing the Special Diabetes Program, which provides $150 million annually for federal Type 1 diabetes research and is subject to renewal every few years. The Special Diabetes Program is making significant advances to treat, prevent and one day cure Type 1 diabetes. My family sees the benefits firsthand with the artificial pancreas system my son now wears to control his blood glucose levels better than ever before.

With the Special Diabetes Program set to expire this year, Sen. Collins co-led a letter to Senate leadership emphasizing the importance of the program that was signed by 68 bipartisan senators. Her leadership led to Congress providing $21.5 million for the Special Diabetes Program in September while work continues on a longer-term extension of the program.

She is also tackling the issue of insulin affordability. Sen. Collins introduced the Insulin Price Reduction Act, which would end the rebate system that drives up the cost of insulin and cover insulin outside the deductible to prevent spikes in costs at the beginning of the year.

Sen. Collins is a steadfast champion for people with Type 1 diabetes. My family is grateful for her dedication and outstanding leadership.

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