CAPE ELIZABETH — Despite the arrival of political newcomer Aaron Mosher, Penelope A. Jordan was re-elected to a second consecutive term and Caitlin R. Jordan was re-elected to a fourth term on the town council Tuesday.

Penelope Jordan received 1,109 votes while Caitlin Jordan received 863. Mosher garnered 801 votes. Both work as farmers and hope to maintain the town’s cultural landscape and advocate for land rights.

Caitlin Jordan

All council candidates said in an October interview with The Forecaster that fiscal responsibility is at the top of their agenda and all agreed that one of the biggest issues facing the town is short-term rentals

As a councilor, Penelope said her goal is to represent small business owners and to help maintain Cape’s agricultural landscape.

Penelope Jordan

In addition to short-term rentals, Penelope said, implementing the updated Comprehensive Plan and ensuring continued shoreline access are also among the big issues facing the town.

Caitlin said that growth, with its accompanying challenges, is one of the most important issues the town is grappling with.

She said growth engenders conflict and debate about land rights and land use, especially when it comes to maintaining the town’s character. That’s why, Jordan said, short-term rentals have become such a hot issue in Cape.

“I think growth and land use are going to be the biggest issues for this coming year,” she said.

As a councilor, Caitlin said, she can’t have a personal agenda and must approach each issue with the best interests of residents and the town in mind.

“I love our town and want nothing more than to preserve our way of life while balancing that with growth and a (changing) world,” Caitlin said.

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