I have just finished reading for a second time the Maine Voices column “Amid turmoil, let’s recommit to our bold democratic experiment” on Page A4 of your Nov. 20 edition.

The author, Joyce Wilson-Sanford, states: “May we be as stalwart and smart and creative as the originators of this radical idea of government.” She declares that “democracy is not a given.” She asks, “Can we expand the heart and mind and action embedded in our Constitution to have a multiracial, supersized democracy?”

It always amazes me how many people in her position do not know that our Constitution does not give us a democracy, but it gives us a republic. Remember “I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands …”? There is a difference.

The Founding Fathers did not give us a democracy. John Adams said, “Democracy will soon degenerate into … anarchy.” And we can see this playing out worldwide.

Kay Havener


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