Bill Clinton lied and covered up a sexual relationship with an intern.

Richard Nixon had Democratic headquarters burglarized to help his election and with the help of his White House staff lied to the American people and tried to cover it up.

Donald Trump, enlisting the help of his White House staff, personal lawyer, EU ambassador, secretary of state, attorney general, secretary of energy and others, asked a foreign government to create negative publicity of his political opponent and promote debunked conspiracy theories to deflect findings of the Mueller Report. A meeting with Trump and hundreds of millions of dollars in aid were withheld, dependent on these asks.

This foreign government was Ukraine, a friend of the United States with hopes of aligning with Western countries and fighting Russia for their sovereignty. Lives were at stake and national security at risk. A whistleblower’s report was buried by the Department of Justice, led by the attorney general, and the director of the Intelligence Counterterrorism Center.

At the direction of Trump, White House staff and staff across his administration have refused to comply with U.S. House of Representative requests for documents and testimonies. In response to credible evidence by professional government employees, Trump, his administration, and Republican legislators have flooded partisan venues with false information, debunked conspiracy theories and character smears.

There is no comparison.

Trump has committed impeachable offenses – Bigly!!

Nadine Bangerter


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