I have never done this before in my 70-plus years, but I feel I need to write and express my greatest thanks to the person(s) who were so honest and thoughtful to return my misplaced wallet. I must have left it in the cart during a late-night Thanksgiving eve trip in the rain to the Hannaford market in Yarmouth. I am visiting for the family holiday as I have done for the past 40-plus years after leaving my hometown of Kittery and now residing in Phoenix. I have always looked back at my upbringing and my morals taught to me by my two loving parents, and tried to implant into my two children the Maine lifestyle of honesty and respect of other people’s property. To see that it still exists in the lives of whoever was kind enough to respect my property reassures me that there are still good folks in Maine! I wish the person had left a name or number so I could have thanked or rewarded them in person, but there again, I’m sure the person wasn’t looking for recognition, but just doing what was right. Thank you! I love the Maine morals!

Newton C. Smith
Glendale, Arizona