I’m not quite sure what all the fuss is about regarding the seating of Janet Kuech on the Town Council in Gorham. Town officials knew she works for the school department and they didn’t take her name off the ballot. She won her seat on the Town Council. She should be seated, period. She can and should recuse herself from issues involving any issue regarding school policy, budget, or other school topics.

Precedent has been set on other committees and boards. I believe that there was a Planning Board item involving a new building project in Gorham up for approval recently. I also believe that the contractor on that proposed project was on the Planning Board throughout the approval process. The contractor recused himself any time a discussion, vote, or decision was made regarding his project. I’m not a historian for Gorham. However,if a Gorham historian or anyone interested went back through the records, they would probably find many examples where interested parties were also on committees, boards or councils in which a possible conflict of interest might occur.

If only those people who have no stake in the town could serve, then you probably would find no one on any committee. The reason people serve on those committees is because they truly want to help improve things. I’m sure that Janet Kuech will not become wealthy from serving on the Town Council. As a retired teacher, I know that she won’t get wealthy from her position as educator. But, she might have some insight into educational needs that a layperson wouldn’t.

The public chose her through their votes and they knew she worked at the school. Seat her.

Steven C. Pomelow