As we come to the close of the Christmas season, the entire Heinig family wishes to thank our community for the generous support and nearly overwhelming number of gifts contributed to ensure our grandchildren would have a Merry Christmas in the wake of their mother’s (our daughter Anneliese’s) disappearance on Nov. 26. I described the scene in our living room under our Christmas tree as a “Santa’s sleigh roll-over!”

The support however has come in many more ways than just the gifts and has included prepared food and meals, snow-blowing/shoveling, cards, letters, hugs, prayers and hopeful encouragement.

We are deeply grateful for the wonderful community in which we live, one that comes together and shows its best in times of need. We cannot say enough “thank yous” to our many wonderful friends, extended family and perfect strangers who have helped us and continue their comforting support throughout this difficult situation.

Wishing all a happy and peaceful 2020!

Chris, Anne and Grace Heinig,


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