Do votes really count?

As a former instructor and administrator at Southern Maine Community College at Brunswick Landing, I spent many years trying to convince college students to vote. I was shocked by the number of students who said, “My vote doesn’t count.” I assured them it did. The Brunswick School Board’s overriding of the student vote at the new Kate Furbish Elementary School, proved that I was wrong.
Nancy Collins,

School board set a bad example

I am writing to voice my disappointment in the recent action taken by the Brunswick School Board to override the students’ choice for the new Kate Furbish School mascot. The school board should have made the process for choosing the mascot clear by stating that they wanted the students’ input, however, the final decision would be made by the school board.
I agree with the parent who stated that the decision sets a bad example, children or any age group, will not tend to participate in decision making if they believe their opinions will not be taken seriously. That’s the easiest way to lose public trust. I am glad a special school board meeting will be held on Thursday to discuss the issue. I believe the point to be made is one of transparency, the children should have been told that the final decision would be made by the board as they considered concerns for the whole school community. I do not like the idea stated by Perzanoski “nothing in public service is ever set in stone.” True, however truth and explanations go along way to smoothing over disagreements and coming to compromise. We want to be teaching our children to be solid, honest participants in all types of community involvement, and we need to be leading by example.
Speaking of education, I want to thank Jonathan Crimmins for his excellent tribute in the Times Record, Friday, Jan. 24 issue to Miss Nancie who died recently and had directed The Three Little Bears Nursery School. Miss Nancie embodied all the attributes that we wish to pass on to our children. We would do well to follow her example including how we hold school elections for mascots.
Nancy D. Bliss

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