The Magnolia Mirage struck again on Valentine’s Day in Scarborough Courtesy photo

The spirit of Valentine’s Day is shared every year in Scarborough by the Magnolia Mirage. The Mirage spreads neighborliness throughout the Magnolia Place development, a 55+ development off Highland Avenue, by posting large, red Valentine’s Day hearts on every garage door in the neighborhood. No one knows, officially, who the secret Cupid is, but the hearts stay posted for days, an apparent expression shared affection throughout the development.

In the middle of the night before Valentine’s Day, the Mirage strikes, red doilies in hand, at every home. Homeowners discover the gift when they get their mail, lower their garage door or step out for their newspaper. “It’s always a surprise — a very pleasant one,” said Jean Kazarian, a long-time resident of the development. “It’s such a small thing but it’s a sign of the neighborliness and genuine friendships that are common here.”

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