They say we can’t have:
A sustainable world: We can see climate change with our own eyes now, and our scientists warn that if we do not make fundamental changes quickly, we can make our world unlivable in our grandchildren’s time. And yet, moderate and conservative politicians believe that we can only afford to take little steps, in effect to bring a watering can to the climate crisis and call it a solution. Fortunately, Betsy Sweet, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren all propose the powerful, fundamental steps that would actually solve the crisis.

Healthcare coverage for everyone:
Americans pay more for healthcare than people in any other country, yet we have very inconsistent health outcomes. This is because healthcare for private profit is the wrong approach. Moderate and conservative politicians insist that healthcare for all is impossible, and health insurance companies must continue to profit from our health care.

Government for the people, not big money: Unfortunately, money controls Washington, stealing our freedom as citizens to govern ourselves in our best interests. Moderate and conservative politicians do not believe we should challenge the power of insurance companies, corporations and the super-rich. Only totally committed leaders like Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and Betsy Sweet will persist enough to get money out of politics. And in order to fix our climate and healthcare system, we will have to reclaim our democracy from corporate control.

Progressive leaders are simply the first to recognize when something is broken to the point that minor adjustments will not fix it. Moderate and conservative politicians tell us we cannot afford a government that has freedom and fairness for all, and protects our grandchildren from a climate crisis, but we can. We can have whatever government we vote for. The important question is what do you want?

Richard Thomas

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