Robert Daigle’s March 9 Maine Voices op-ed highlights a real issue we will face in the coming fight against Central Maine Power and the corridor. Daigle tried to make it a capitalism vs. socialism issue. Some people need to put a label on things instead of taking them at face value. So here is my opinion on a few things that are directly related to the line and CMP.

Healthy capitalism requires a hand at the ready with the shears. While our government does not act on it often enough, they already have the authority to knock back duopolies and oligopolies, and obviously monopolies  – and rightfully so.

News flash: CMP is a monopoly, with government-appointed oversight. The list of issues with that situation is several pages long.

As far as the corridor, lol. You have a company that is foreign-owned, legally restricted from having any interest in power generation, partnering with another foreign-owned company trying to force its will on the citizens of America, and Maine.

This foreign-owned company has a history of mistreatment of the Maine people: overbilling (which is called “stealing” if we do it to them), paying our representatives in campaign contributions, etc.

This does not fit under a liberal or conservative banner. This fight isn’t waving a capitalist or socialist flag.

This fight is the Maine people standing up and saying they will no longer be tread on. There are only two sides: We Mainers and CMP and its family of business.

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