I was impressed with the column “State must do more against virus” and the struggle the writer went through in making his decision to close his business. The writer followed his conscience and closed his business. Others made different choices. It was therefore heartening to read the headline in the Portland Press Herald on Thursday, March 19, “Governor Tightens Restrictions,” a step in the right direction.

Government, with its arsenal of health care professionals and science experts has a role. When these decisions affect the population, they should not be optional. Government can and should speak with a clear voice, requiring the collective conscience to behave in a way that is necessary for the survival of all, not left to whim, or to conscience or lack thereof. Businesses should comply with definitive guidelines set by those who know for the safety of the public.

The day will come when COVID-19 will be a memory, stories of the selfish and the selfless; of those who hoarded, and those who did without; of those who practiced “social distancing” and those who continued going out; of those business owners who shuttered for the greater good, hoping to ride out the storm or to rebuild, and those whose businesses remained open to the public.

Government has access to the science and to the experts for our best chance to stop this spread, and to reduce confusion through uniformity. The least government can do is to be clear, to be decisive, to be uniform, and most of all, to lead.

Sue Whitehouse

North Waterboro

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