SACO — The City Council on Monday unanimously agreed to temporarily waive fees associated with the use of credit and debit cards when Saco residents register their vehicles online.

City Hall has been closed to the public since March 17 because of concerns surrounding COVID-19 and is expected to remain closed through the end of April.

While residents have the option to register vehicles online, they are charged a state mandated credit or debit card fee for doing so. City staff and some council members proposed waiving these fees, while City Hall remains closed.

Saco Finance Director Glenys Salas on Tuesday said the fee being waived is 2.5 percent of the excise tax on the vehicle being registered.

Councilor Jodi MacPhail introduced the measure during the City Council’s online meeting Monday evening.

“It is something I have seen come up time and time again for residents, who may be feeling a great financial burden during these times,” MacPhail said in an email.

The motion, as approved, eliminates the city’s portion of the credit card transaction fee, on a temporary basis, until City Hall re-opens.