FALMOUTH — The Planning Board pushed off a vote on final approval for a 68-unit condo project to get more information and mull over residents’ input.

Concerns at the March 3 meeting for Homestead Acres at 4 Mountain Road included comments that the development is not in character with the town’s comprehensive plan.

Plans were proposed by developer David Chase in 2018 and included around 140 units. Following a number of meetings that drew similar public criticism, Chase pulled the project in late 2018, before coming back with a scaled-down plan.

Other residents said the area is more pointed towards small business and smaller housing developments.

“I’m not in favor of this and it doesn’t fit the town’s comprehensive plan, which keeps the character of Falmouth in place. (Sixty-eight) units does not do that. (This) is going to make a mess of of Falmouth,” said Lee Hatchet, whose comments were supported by a number of other residents.

“There hasn’t been a good traffic study; the road off Mountain Road is going to be extremely dangerous,” resident Linda Dyer said. “There are many times cars hit our trees flying down Mountain Road, and we live close to the church, which is a clear shot.

Agreeing with the detractors, Planning Board members David Sinnett and James Kelly moved to deny the permit.

“I believe this is not in line with (the) comprehensive plan or meets the goal of the commercial element in the area. If we are going towards acceptance, that’s a long process, but if it doesn’t adhere to the comprehensive plan it’s a pretty simple answer,” Sinnett said.

The motion to approve failed 3-2, as other members wanted more information, but felt zoning allows a project of this nature and is stronger than the comprehensive plan.

“This is allowed; it’s not asking for any waivers. I’m struggling,” Chairman Peter Kenlan said. “Yes, this clearly doesn’t fit in places in the comprehensive plan, it’s not super helpful or creative. I don’t love things about it, but I (am not) certain that the comprehensive plan overrides the zoning ordinance. Our comprehensive plan asks for diversifying our housing stock, too. We don’t have condos here.”

While the Town Council has been holding digital meetings, a date for a digital Planning Board meeting has not been set. The April 7 meeting, which would likely have included a vote for final approval, was canceled due to concerns over the coronavirus.

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