Re: “Maine Voices: Even in this time of coronavirus, it’ll be OK, boomer” (April 5):

I am appalled that the Press Herald would publish such a degrading column.

Danielle Steinman speaks to people about baby boomers as if they have no capability to understand the traumatic situation we are in. The column talks about them rather than to them. I became more enraged with each new paragraph. Does Steinman really think that the boomers have to be totally dependent on others to fully understand all of the cancellations, postponements, etc.?

I am a year older than the so-called boomers and I appreciate people reaching out for me, but I am also reaching out to others.

I am sure that some boomers will benefit from Steinman’s words, but I read this twice to be sure that the words were as condescending as I first thought. I became more inflamed on second reading. None of us need condescension at this time!

Some thoughts for boomers to consider would have been more acceptable – but always with the knowledge that boomers are bright, intelligent, concerned but aware and responsible, valuable members of society, many of whom are fully independent!

Gail Sweat


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