Candidate has ‘skills needed in Augusta’

To the editor,

My neighbor and friend, Sari Greene is running for the Maine Senate to represent South Portland, Cape Elizabeth and part of Scarborough. I couldn’t be happier.  Her list of qualifications stretches long and underscores a compelling blend of competence and compassion.

She founded and served as CEO of a Maine-based cybersecurity company.  She currently serves on the Bangor Savings Bank Board of Directors. Wrapped up in one dynamic candidate are entrepreneurial smarts, a deep understanding of technology, and comprehensive business expertise. Now more than ever, these skills are needed in Augusta.

And let’s not forget spunk. Sari Greene will work as hard and passionately for Mainers as she did in her business career. And, it’s worth noting, sailing 24,000 nautical miles, first across the southern Atlantic with her husband Eric, helped launch a second chapter of her life dedicated to public service.

She didn’t simply back her campaign vow to address childhood food insecurity in Maine by volunteering two days a week at the South Portland Food Cupboard. When the pandemic hit, magnifying the food needs of local families, Sari launched a Facebook group called the South Portland Community of Kindness to cultivate new volunteers for the Food Cupboard and encourage others to make food deliveries and offer other local assistance. The group is now more than 1,600 strong.

You can learn more about Sari by reading her campaign diary at  I think you’ll be impressed.  And like me, you will cast your Democratic primary vote for Sari Greene.

John Grossmann

South Portland

Candidate is ‘caring and compassionate’

To the editor,

A few weeks ago, it frightened me to see pictures of voters risking their lives in Wisconsin, potentially exposing themselves to the Coronavirus in crowded polling lines. But it was a stark reminder of the importance of our civil liberties and our most precious right to vote. I know I would have been standing in one of those lines to vote for someone or something I care about.

Thankfully, in Maine, we do not have to make that difficult choice. So I will be mailing in my ballot to vote for Anne Carney (D) for state senate in the election on July 14.

Throughout my life, Anne has been a steadfast presence. Calm and thoughtful, she has always welcomed me into her home. With national leadership that is using every excuse to deport immigrants or suppress rights of the disadvantaged, we need people in the Maine Senate like Anne who are caring and compassionate toward everyone.

Before getting into politics, Anne worked hard as a lawyer to protect the civil rights of Mainers. She is uniquely qualified to fight for Mainers in the senate, just as she has been doing as a representative, supporting laws like equal pay for women, increased paid time off and expanding access to affordable healthcare.

During this time of confusion when it is hard to distinguish fact from fiction, I have turned multiple times to Anne’s Facebook page for resources about Maine in the pandemic. Her work as lawyer means she has dedicated and diligent research skills and will provide the best information to her constituents.

I hope you will join me in voting for Anne Carney for state senate in July.

Haley Cushing

South Portland