Town & Country Federal Credit Unition is helping nonprofits. Courtesy photo

SCARBOROUGH — On May 1, Town & Country Federal Credit Union began a new effort as part of its ‘Local Helping Local’ initiative that was established in response to the economic impact from the pandemic. During May, the credit union has announced it will support nonprofits in Cumberland and York counties with its “Non-Profit A Day in the Month of May” initiative.

“The economic impact of the pandemic has had far-reaching implications on not only consumers but also on hundreds of nonprofits in Maine. Many have experienced significant increases in expenses and/or a vast reduction in donations. Nonprofits play a crucial role in providing services to our communities and we believe it’s important to not only provide financial support but to also build awareness about the challenges that many non-profits are facing right now,” said David Libby, president and CEO of Town & Country FCU.

Jennifer Hutchins, executive director of the Maine Association of Non-Profits (MANP), said the support comes at a critical time. According to a survey conducted by the MANP, three quarters of Maine nonprofits that responded said they anticipated significant impacts on their programs and finances, and one of the major concerns was budget implications in a strained economy. “As many nonprofits grapple with the competing demands of increasing community needs and the safety of employees and volunteers, new sources of financial support like this program are critical. Highlighting the unique role and value of our nonprofits is key to forging effective partnerships that will determine Maine’s path forward out of the crisis. We appreciate Town & Country spotlighting the significant financial challenges facing non-profits at this time,” Hutchins said.

Beginning May 1, the credit union is asking visitors to its Facebook Page to share the name of a nonprofit that serves Cumberland and/or York counties. Each day, the credit union will select a nonprofit at random and make a $100 contribution to that organization as well as highlight the services it provides to the community.

“For the past six weeks, we’ve been asking visitors to highlight locally-owned restaurants and have given away more than $2,000 worth of gift cards to more than 40 locally-owned restaurants, Jon Paradise, vice president of Public Relations and Communications at the credit union, said. “It’s been great to see how engaged people are in supporting their favorite eateries, and this is an opportunity to bring that engagement and support to another sector that also play a vital role in our communities. From food pantries and animal agencies to cancer services and child-focused organizations and countless others, nonprofits contribute so much to not only our communities but to our economy, as well.”

Through its ‘Local Helping Local’ initiative, the credit union has already provided significant support with contributions to help deliver thousands of meals to older Mainers, purchased meals for hundreds of frontline healthcare workers, assistance to families in crisis, and highlighted and supported locally-owned restaurants. “The ‘Non-Profit-A-Day in the month of May’ effort is an extension of the strong support we are providing to our communities, and is in addition to the assistance we are offering daily to our members financially impacted as a result of the pandemic,” Paradise said.

To participate in the “Non-Profit-A-Day in the month of May” initiative, visit Town & Country FCU on Facebook.

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