I write in support of Gov. Mills and her stay at home orders. Do not let the rhetoric from your Republican counterparts steer you from what we all know is right. Staying at home is the safe and sensible thing to do right now. I will not go back to shopping or other activities until I feel it is safe to do so. A good many Mainers are in my age bracket, that’s to say we are seasoned. Every member of my family has health issues all of which result in compromised immune systems. We are the ones who will get sick if we go back to the way things were before mid-March.

I understand the concerns of business people but I am more concerned about my family and neighbors. The economy has taken a hit but we will return to prosperity, we always have, we are Mainers after all. I will support our local business through online and curb pickup but not in person, not yet.

As the July election approaches it is critical that we do so via mail-in ballots ONLY! I am the Deputy Warden for Thomaston and have worked as a ballot clerk for over 16 years. We polled the usual ballot clerks, all of whom are age 60 to 95, and none of them will work the polls as they do not feel safe. I have discussed this with our town manager and she agrees. We cannot set up the polling place with the social distancing required to be safe. I beg of you to please make this election and the fall presidential election mail-in only. If the state needs advice on doing so contact the state of Washington who has done mail-in only elections for 20 years. We must do mail-in only ballots so all people in Maine can and will participate in our governmental process.

Thank you for your time and take care.

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