Everyone agrees TV advertising is out of control. There are way too many ads and most are run way too often. The Federal Communications Commission used to have limits on the number and length of TV ads and needs to put the restrictions in place again.

Currently, during the horror of this COVID-19 pandemic, there are two sets of political ads that the competing Maine politicians need to re-think. Not only are the ads for U.S. Sen. Susan Collins and Sara Gideon (Maine House speaker and candidate for the Democratic U.S. Senate nomination) incessant and annoying and most often falsified, they are also a waste of millions of dollars.

Instead of playing their childish campaign games of putting each other down, Collins and Gideon should do the honorable thing in these times and use that money to feed the many hungry and out-of-work Mainers and their families who desperately need help. Use the money for good, not to stroke their own egos and campaign desperately for office for personal gain.

Truly dedicated public servants would take the high road in these times; so far, the two candidates have chosen the low, annoying and wasteful road. This is the time to help people, not to engage in childish political bickering.

Dan Davidson
Cape Elizabeth

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