Staff has been ‘magnificent’

To the editor,

With so much sad information about nursing homes and the COVID-19 virus, I would like to share some positive news about happenings at the Kennebunk Center for Health and Rehabilitation. Our family member has been a resident there for over a year. Luckily he had a visitor every day. But as of mid-March we have not been able to visit which has been stressful for him and us.

The staff at the center has been magnificent. We receive update calls on a regular basis and we have been able to use FaceTime as a means for communication. This has allowed us to see that he is in good health. Activities are planned for residents with social distancing practices. The family is given frequent information regarding procedures that keep residents safe and healthy. The website is constantly updated with new information. They follow the CDC guidelines explicitly and this assures us that reducing risk is very important to them.

Still, the lack of in-person visits has been difficult. After some creative thinking, the center organized a parade last Friday so the residents could have a pleasurable moment and see their families. The residents and staff were outside and the parade of cars drove past the line of smiling faces. We had signs, balloons and honking horns. This was a great opportunity to share a moment, all the while done by following CDC recommendations. It was extra work for staff to coordinate this. Your effort was so meaningful for us.

We thank all of you at the Kennebunk Center for Health and Rehabilitation. You are our heroes and we appreciate every effort you’ve made to keep our family member safe and healthy.


Patti L. Duprey


Town can find funds for pickleball courts

To the editor,

Pickleball is the fastest growing sport in the USA, especially for seniors. Forty percent of the population
in Kennebunkport is over 65 years old with limited options for exercise. Doctors have
proclaimed pickleball as one of the best forms of exercise for seniors, and it’s a very social
sport giving them the opportunity to be with others their age.

My wife and I play in Florida with people mostly in their 60s, 70s, 80s and even a few in their 90s.
Years ago I tried to establish pickleball in Kennebunkport at Beachwood Park. Along with Carol
Cook, we had lines painted on the basketball court but it proved to be too much of a liability
because the courts were too short and led to a few sprained ankles.


At the same time we painted the lines there we taped two courts at Consolidated School and there are crowds playing
there on weekends in the winter. There are only two public tennis courts in one of the wealthiest towns in the state.

While researching other possibilities, we looked at other town owned properties and came up with 49 Beachwood, the old town barn, there is enough room there to build four permanent pickleball courts, that I’m sure will be get a great deal of use. You’d be surprised at how many players there are in town and I’m sure would be willing to pay fees to support them.

After spending $14 million dollars for the Village Parcel, I’m sure the selectmen can find the funds to build the courts on town owned land.

Bill Case, United States of America Pickleball Association ambassador