St. Brigid School student Sophia Segal responded to the challenge to show how to love thy neighbor by painting this picture. “This piece is showing that we can love anyone no matter who they are,” she said. Courtesy / Portland Diocese

St. Brigid School students show their love

Seventh grade students at St. Brigid School in Portland expressed their thoughts and emotions earlier this month with a project called “Love Your Neighbor.”

“The task was to creatively demonstrate what it means to love your neighbor and its importance in our lives as Christians,” said Erica Papkee, the middle school religion teacher at St. Brigid. “The creative outlet could be through the format they chose, but it had to be original.”

Papkee’s students answered the call in different ways, many with drawings and paintings. Sophia Segal surrounded a heart with painted hand prints of different colors.

“This piece is showing that we can love anyone no matter who they are,” Segal said. “We are all unique in our own way and as neighbors we should love them for who they are even if it’s different from us.”

Moira Danzig took another approach and wrote a poem entitled “If You Love, You Shall Be Loved.” Each line began with a letter that spelled out “Love your neighbor.”

Other students who participated included Cash Kellen, Vaanya Churiwalla, Estelle Jones, Gabrielle Blais, Maggie Fitzgerald, Lannie LaMontagne and Bella Napolitano.

Brunswick student-athlete lauded by Maine Maritime Academy

Maine Maritime Academy Student Life Awards Committee recognized outstanding members of the Maine Maritime Academy and Castine community at the 19th annual virtual online awards ceremony April 23, when it was announced that Nathan Granholm of Brunswick was the winner of the Athletic Integration Award. The award recognizes the positive contributions intramural, club or varsity athletes make to the campus community. It is given to a student athlete who has impacted campus life through leadership and collaboration with others.

Freeport students raising funds to benefit community

Two seventh graders at Freeport Middle School are conducting a fundraiser to help small businesses and those struggling in their community with food insecurity.

Through the end of May, Lana DiRusso and Mary MacDonald are soliciting donations through their GoFundMe campaign at As of May 15, more than 100 people had pledged just over $5,250, well on the way to doubling the girls’ goal to raise $3,000. Proceeds will be used to buy $50 gift cards from Freeport restaurants for the Freeport community food bank to give to families in need.

“Any support you can give as we try and help our community would be greatly appreciated,” said DiRusso on the GoFundMe page. “Thank you so much!”