Fleurette Rea Landry Fenderson, born April 24, 1927, age 93, died peacefully in her home surrounded by family early May 18.

Fleurette joins her husband, Raymond, who died nearly two years ago. They would have celebrated their 73rd anniversary on May 17th.

Fleurette was the daughter of Florida Jariz and Rosaire Landry and grew up on New County Road in Saco, Maine. Fleurette was one of six children.

Preceding her in death were: her sisters, Rachel Roy (Biddeford) and Jean Corneau (Saco); and her brothers, Raymond Landry (Steep Falls) and Lucian Donald Landry (Wallingford, Connecticut).

Fleurette married the boy next door. She met Ray when she was 16 and they married four years later, having every girls dream wedding. Fleurette and Ray had three boys, two of whom died after childbirth. John, their middle son, the only one to survive, was precious to them and Fleurette looked over him her entire life.

Surviving Fleurette is: her son, John and his wife; her grandchildren, Philip and Philena; several grandchildren; great-grandchildren; and great-great-grandchildren! Also surviving her is: her younger sister, Priscilla Turgeon, (who was really there for Fleurette during her later declining years;); nieces and nephews; and great-nieces and great-nephews.

Fleurette was a proud employee of West Point Pepperell making the popular Velex blankets. Many family members over the years received these blankets for their birthday and wedding presents.

In addition to her hard work at the Pepperell, Fleurette cared for her in-law’s family members. Living with Mary and Leon Fenderson, she was a devoted daughter-in-law, welcoming neighbors, friends and customers into their home. In addition to her in-laws, Fleurette was also a strong friend, advocate and because of her business astuteness, eventual executor for both Althea Carson and Mary Fenderson. Fleurette supported them during their illnesses and advocated for their best interests.

When Fleurette retired, she volunteered to manage the farm stand for her son John and did so for many years before passing the wand to John’s wife, Linda.

Fleurette and Ray were a strong couple, never arguing and enjoyed each others company. Their personalities attracted numerous friends to the farm on a regular basis to hear Ray’s stories and enjoy the comfort of their living room.

Fleurette was a lifelong member of Most Holy Trinity Church.

After cremation, Fleurette will be joining Ray at the top of the hill overlooking the goings on of Fenderson Farm.

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