The benefits of face masks

Most of the shoppers at my local supermarket wear face masks. The store requests them, but allows shoppers to enter without them. Inside, social distancing guidelines and directional traffic arrows are not consistently followed. It is welcome, therefore, to see so many masked faces.

We know that face masks reduce coronavirus transmission from infected people. COVID-19 is a disease we should all try to avoid. Some lucky people show few or no signs of infection, but others are very sick, and some develop terrible complications involving the blood and immune systems. Some die.

Unfortunately, masks don’t offer much protection to the wearer. I wear a mask in public places to protect others, and because it is better than nothing for my own protection. But we are all safer when everyone wears masks, because even people without symptoms can be infectious. The more masks I see, the freer I am to be out and about in the world. The small act of wearing a mask brings big benefits to all.
Anne Childs,
West Bath

Bath Sunrise Rotary Club giving back

Bath Sunrise members have been busy helping others during the COVID-19 outbreak. We have been involved in getting food, books, art supplies and other needed items to the people and children in our community.

Normally at this time of the year, the club holds their calendar raffle fundraiser. Businesses in the area would contribute gift certificates. During the month we would pick a daily winner, at least $50 worth of gift certificates. The cost of the ticket was $10.

This year we have created a fun event that gives back to our friends in the community. Instead of asking businesses to donate during this shutdown period, we have purchased gift certificates from our past supporters. Instead of selling tickets, we will spin the wheel and you win the prize it lands on. We are asking our friends to make a contribution to the many local organizations we support. In addition to gift certificates, you may also win some much-needed toilet paper and other items.

We will be setup at the Farmers Market, Waterfront Park, this Saturday morning, June 5, for some fun. From noon to 2 p.m. we will be at Brackett’s Market. Stop by to see us and take a spin. For more info contact me at [email protected].

See you Saturday and thanks for helping us support the community.

Bob Reed,
Bath Sunrise Rotary Club

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