Like any other family, our home life during the pandemic has had its ups and downs. The world as we knew it changed overnight.

Since the shutdown I have worked daily trying my hardest to document the pandemic for Press Herald readers and keep myself safe at the same time. My wife went from teaching her students in the classroom to distance learning, over a weekend. My daughters stopped working and switched from being an on-campus college students to taking classes online.

We have all taken the risk of getting COVID-19 seriously, and the isolation has been challenging. We miss our larger family weekly gatherings, we miss getting together with friends.

But there have been bright moments. Before the pandemic we couldn’t find the time to sit down as a family for dinner because we all had different schedules. Now we are able to return to nightly family meals.

We started playing games again, and we spent time as a family hiking and fishing. My wife and daughter have been sewing masks and scrunchies. My daughter and I were able to volunteer our time to maintain a local hiking trail.

Overall, I feel lucky.

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