Trump has degraded, weakend our country

As an American, living here in Maine, I watch with a mixture of horror, sadness and hope (yes, hope) as I see what is happening all over our country.

I have hope as I see people coming out into the streets, coming together to protest racial injustice, and call attention to systematic racism in our society. I have hope that with enough voices raised in unison, hearts, minds and policies can be changed.

Yet, I also watch with horror and grief as our democracy is dismantled and our country slides evermore into totalitarianism. Trump’s show of military force, tear-gassing of protestors, and hypocritical “bible” photo op are the moves of a dictator. Where is our congress, whose job it is to keep such a situation in check? Why are many (but not all) members of congress, who are pledged to uphold the constitution, not only allowing this, but supporting this?

Because while American can be great, this president has not “made America great again.” He has degraded and weakened our country. If you care about racial justice, about the right to protest injustice and about restoring democracy, please, please, get out and vote this November! Let’s make this a place where we can all have hope again.

Ruthanne Harrison,

Corey Perreault For District 49

Corey Perreault  (Democratic Party) is running for election to the Maine House of Representatives to represent District 49. I will be confidently casting my vote for Corey Perreault for the following reasons; Corey has almost 20 years of local political experience as a member of our school board which includes two years as Chair and she has experience leading during the most challenging years the town of Brunswick and our schools have faced (during the base closure, loss of Durham students, and the 2008 recession). She is experienced in navigating difficult economic times and is level headed as well as creative. Equally as impressive, Corey has dedicated her life to making Brunswick the best it can be as a community volunteer spending countless hours behind the scenes fundraising, coaching, assisting with our amazing school theater productions, and helping with public safety initiatives. She is a lifelong resident, graduate of our schools, raised a family here, and currently helps run a business here. Corey is one of the hardest working public servants I have ever seen and we are lucky to have her as a candidate. Please join me in supporting a wonderfully qualified and capable candidate.

Rick Wilson,
Community Outreach & Extended Learning Opportunity Coordinator,
Brunswick High School

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