The census challenge
The 2020 Census is here and is counting everyone living in the United States as of April 1, 2020. If you live here, you are counted!
Achieving a complete count for Harpswell and every other community in Maine requires each household to respond. The accuracy of this count affects how billions of dollars in federal spending are allocated. Education, roads, health care and emergency services all around Maine and in our towns are dependent on an accurate count of each person living there.
You haven’t received a 2020 Census form? No problem. You can still respond right now. Log on at to fill out the form online. Do you prefer to call? The number to complete the census is 844-330-2020.
I have completed the 2020 census and challenge each of you to do the same because the results shape our future.
Mercie Normand,
Orrs Island
Black lives matter because…

Black lives matter because a higher rate of black citizens are killed during police stops than average; because blacks die of COVID-19 and other diseases at higher rates; because educational resources and opportunities are less; because health care is less accessible. Black lives matter because of much higher incarceration rates in our jails and prisons. Black lives matter because in some states the right to vote is selectively discouraged.

These facts are the result of longstanding social neglect, inequality and injustice across the board, on an historic and national scale. To blame these vast statistical discrepancies on personal choices by individual black Americans is to deny history and common sense. Black lives matter because there are ingrained systemic barriers to equal treatment and opportunity.

Rep. Ralph L. Tucker,
House District 50,

Mattie Daughtry for State Senate 
I’ve known Mattie Daughtry for a while now, thanks to her strong eight-year record as a State Representative in Augusta — and her excellent brewery in Brunswick! But I was delighted to hear she’s now running for State Senate in our district.
Mattie is a worthy successor to the remarkable Brownie Carson. She’s educated, energetic, forward-looking, and young — with ideas and accomplishments I care about.
For years, my wife and I have sadly watched the young people of Harpswell graduate from high school and college — and leave. That’s not good for Maine. But Mattie authored and passed nationally recognized bills that help reduce student debt and Maine’s “brain drain.” She herself is a native Mainer who stayed.
She also crafted common-sense legislation to strengthen our local food systems and keep carcinogenic chemicals out of our food and water. Whether it’s meaningful tax reform, education funding, supporting our seniors, or economic development, Mattie Daughtry has worked hard — and, I’m confident, will continue to work hard — to find solutions that benefit our district and our state.
Three cheers for Mattie! I’m voting for her in the July primary. I hope you will, too,
George Simonson,
Perreault for District 49

I’d like to share with you why I think Corey Perreault (Democratic candidate) should be your top choice to represent District 49 in the Maine House of Representatives.I’ve gotten to know Corey quite well by working with her for 5 years at the Maine Department of Pubic Safety. During this time, Corey’s primary responsibilities involved being the Program Manager for both the Distracted Driving and the Teen Driving Programs. In addition, she was the Senior Trainer for the Child Safety Seat Program. These responsibilities required her to travel throughout the State to attend meetings, conduct training sessions, and advocate for her programs to both public and government officials.

As I watched Corey perform these duties, it was clear what type of person was: organized, hard-working, and honest. What I admired most about Corey was that she approached each task with vigor and an open-mind. What I respected most about her was that she didn’t carry with her any hidden agendas, just a desire to solve the problem with a solution which would benefit the many, never being intimidated by a few outspoken critics.

Many of you know of Corey’s years on the School Board and her years of involvement with local theater productions, but you may not know of her commitment to the local businesses in the Brunswick area. Besides being a frequent customer to many area establishments, she would consistently volunteer to host events within the Brunswick community. Any time our department brought teams into Maine, Corey would find a way to host the training or the event in the Brunswick community. When I questioned her about all the extra work she was taking on, her reply was always that it was worth it to support her local economy. She would always add that if businesses weren’t doing well, they couldn’t afford to volunteer their support to the local programs. If businesses succeed, the community succeeds. This makes sense to me.

In closing, I ask you what qualities are you looking for in a representative? Trustworthy? Respected? Honest? High integrity? If so, Corey Perreault is the best person to be your Representative of District 49.

Dale Gilbert,
Contract grant manager,
Maine Department of Public Safety


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