Just the Numbers, Please
The Town of Long Island has over 230 year-round residents. It is three miles long, one mile wide and has more than 700 acres of conservation land—enough to support the 1,000 plus residents in the summer and give everyone plenty of space. The highest elevation point on the island is 114 feet.
Island of Independence
Close-knit and quiet, Long Island famously seceded from the City of Portland in 1993, which gives the town the lowest property taxes of any Casco Bay island. A simple lifestyle, a passion for nature and well-supported municipal services are part of the island’s culture. But Long Islanders are not isolated: the island is served by water taxis and a barge service, daily mail, emergency services and reliable Internet connectivity.
A Brief History of Living on Long Island
Indigenous Mainers were the first to spend summer on Long Island, enjoying plentiful fish, berries and rabbits. From the late 19th century until World War II, Long Island was such a popular vacation spot, seasonal visitors supported several large inns, boarding houses and the Clambake Pavilion. Today, generations of fishing families are the anchors of the town and the community supports several year-round institutions: a Pre-K through Grade 5 school, a library, a health center and community garden aand a Community Rec center with year-round programming for kids and adults. (longislandhistoricalsociety.com)
Wide Open Spaces
Out of those 700+ conservation acres, there’s a 125-acre area home to birds, beavers and other local wildlife, that is known by “The Area.” Harbor de Grace St. borders the north and is also known as Bunny Hop. The Town’s visitor’s map suggests you look for bunnies in the woods on either side of the road. If you ask a Portland local what they know about Long Island, they’ll probably say, “the beaches.” The ferry ride keeps the crowds away from South Beach, Fowlers Beach and Cleves Landing Beach. The Atlantic Ocean is extra crisp around the islands, perfect for a cool down after lounging on the expansive sands. (townoflongisland.us)
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