Arford will get results

I am writing this letter to encourage the Democratic voters in House District 49 to vote for Poppy Arford in July 14 primary election. Poppy has lived, worked and raised a family in Brunswick for over 35 years. In that time, she has served as Town Councilor, a patient advocate and advisor for several health improvement organizations, a mediator with the A.G’s Consumer Complaint Program, the Director for SHAREcenter, a Substance Abuse Councilor for Community Alcoholism Services, and an Outward Bound Instructor. She has received numerous awards for her outstanding work with these and many other community and patient focused organizations. Poppy’s experience, education and professional development make her extremely well qualified to serve as our District 49 Representative in Augusta.

Poppy is passionate about many issues that effect the health and well being of all members of our community. Her primary area of interest is working to ensure that high-quality, publicly funded healthcare is provided to all citizens of Maine, but Poppy is also interested in improving the quality and availability of appropriate educational opportunities for all Mainers, promoting the economic climate for local businesses, improving and protecting the environment, adopting fair tax policies, and promoting justice and equality for everyone who calls Maine their home.

Poppy is also a Clean Elections candidate who fully supports the Democratic Party platform. She is a person who will get results by listening to all points of view and using the best ideas, no matter the source, to arrive at the best possible solution. I urge Democrats in House District 49 to vote for Poppy Arford in the July 14th primary election.

Richard Kania,

Vote Arford

I support Poppy Arford’s campaign for the Democratic nomination for State Representative for Brunswick’s House District 49.

Poppy has been helping our citizens for many years, as a substance abuse counselor, an Outward Bound instructor for at-risk youth, and an advocate and advisor for consumers of health care.  She has mediated disputes involving health care and a variety of social problems.  She has received many awards in recognition of her services.

She has also served on the Brunswick Town Council where she was a leader in efforts to develop programs for solid waste management and recycling.

Poppy’s background is not merely a collection of entries on a resume; they have helped her develop considerable negotiating skills and persuasive abilities. I have worked with Poppy for several years in the Brunswick Democratic Party. I have seen how she can help strong-willed people come together into effective teams.

Now Poppy would continue to work on behalf of the public by serving as Brunswick’s State Representative in House District 49.  I believe that Poppy is an effective voice for Brunswick’s citizens, and will continue in the tradition of so many Brunswick people on behalf of her constituents, making them proud to claim her as their State Representative.

Polly Harris

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