Glancing briefly at “close quarters,” the photo feature on the front page of the Maine/New England section (Page B1) of my Maine Sunday Telegram for June 28, I saw people crowded together wearing no face covering, obviously not observing health and safety protocols.

Beachgoers crowd the sidewalks of Old Orchard Beach on June 27. This photo was one of several published in a package on Page B1 on June 28; a reader says she thought the setting was Texas, Florida or Arizona until she looked more closely. Ben McCanna/Staff Photographer

“Another story about Texas, Florida and Arizona,” I thought, and I felt sorry for residents of those states. A closer look revealed these maskless men and women were congregating at Old Orchard Beach!

Just below the photos, a separate article, by Staff Writer Rob Wolfe, noted that “masks appear to be effective in containing transmission outdoors, research shows.” When cars with out-of-state license plates, like New York and Massachusetts (states with many more ventilators and other medical resources than we have in Maine), finally cross back over the Piscataqua Bridge, my prayer is that they will not have left the coronavirus behind for us to deal with!

Judith Tydings
South Thomaston

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