Hollis McLaughlin Jr.

PORTLAND – Hollis McLaughlin Jr., passed away peacefully at his home on Feb. 26, 2020. He would have been 64 today, July 5.Born in Sanford in 1956, Hollis grew up and lived in Portland. He always enjoyed people and his daily coffee and conversation at various restaurants in the area. Mostly, Hollis walked everywhere he needed to go; rain, shine or freezing cold. With his demise, Portland has lost a memorable and unique force of energy who relished life. Hollis possessed a work ethic that was unparalleled. Commencing as a young child, Hollis shoveled snow; worked as a shoeshine boy; was employed at Mercy Hospital while attending Portland High School, and later at DiPhilippo’s Pancake Shoppe for almost 25 years where customers called him “The Machine” because he worked so efficiently. Following, he was a custodian at the Trelawny Building. Hollis loved to help people, whether snow shoveling, groundskeeping, house cleaning, or doing errands; there was nothing more important to Hollis than to hear that he provided quality, professional work.As a teenager, Hollis excelled at billiards. Being passionate about wrestling and weightlifting, he often mentioned his prowess at arm wrestling, and that he could put guys bigger than himself in an armlock from which they could not extricate themselves. His interests were in sketching, watercolors, gems, watches, automobiles, movies, and he loved classical piano – (Chopin, Floyd Kramer, George Winston, Roger Miller). Hollis frequently acknowledged his many friends and especially those who were most kind to him: DiPhilippo Family; Norm the Barber; Alec and Moses Sabina, and their Staff at Hot Suppa Restaurant; and Linda Bridges. Predeceased by his father, Hollis “Gene” McLaughlin Sr., his mother, Fern LaMontagne McLaughlin and his stepmother, Kay McLaughlin; his brother, Eugene Glynn and sister, Kimberley Ann Deschaine.Hollis is survived by his dear sister, Mary Jean Pyle (Daniel) of Portland, his sisters, Mary Ann Benner, Kathy McLaughlin, Deborah Theriault, Evangeline Bradish, and Marlene Gerry, his brothers, William McLaughlin, and Arthur LaMontagne; nieces and nephews.A gathering to remember Hollis will be at a later time.

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