This year, the State of Maine will vote in the most important United States Senate election of our lifetimes. Mainers no longer require a passive voice in Washington, D.C. We need someone who will speak out against the rise of fascism. For far too long, mainstream politicians like Speaker Gideon and Senator Collins have sold our state out to corporate interests.

That is why I am proud to endorse my friend Bre Kidman for Senate. Bre is the antidote to corporate politicians. They are unbought and unbossed. Instead of soliciting donations, they solicit opinions from their constituents, pounding the pavement across all 16 counties to hear out voters.

Like myself and many Mainers, Bre knows what its like to be weighed down with student loan debt. Bre emphasizes with common Mainers because they are one.

On July 14, I hope all my fellow Democrats strongly consider voting for Bre Kidman.

Connor McGrath

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