Sara Gideon will work endlessly for Mainers’ health care

To the editor,

The current pandemic has shown us clearly that we must make the security of our health care a top priority this November. As the Trump Administration tries to overturn the ACA and cut off access to care for many, the only way we can make sure that our health care is secure is by voting for leaders who will fight for our health care and the improvements desperately needed in our system.

For U.S. Senate, that leader is Sara Gideon. Sara has a proven record of writing and passing legislation that protects Mainers with pre-existing conditions during her time in the State House.

In 2017, while Senator Collins was voting for President Trump’s tax bill that endangered the ACA and people with pre-existing conditions, Sara worked to codify protections for people with pre-existing conditions into state law. In 2018, when Senator Collins voted to confirm Brett Kavanaugh, Sara and I worked with Governor Mills to protect and strengthen women’s access to reproductive health care.

And finally, Sara led the effort to pass the Patients First Health Care package this year, which capped copays for insulin at $35 dollars a month and protects Mainers from surprise medical billing.

I’ve worked with Sara, and I know she will work tirelessly to make sure everyone has access to health care without having to worry about going bankrupt. Maine deserves a leader like her who will fight for their health.

Victoria Foley

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