The Don Campbell Band performed at The Clambake in Scarborough on July 16. This is the band’s third performance at that outdoor location, and lead singer and songwriter Don Campbell said that the shows have been a ‘blast,’ with a respectful audience that follows health and safety guidelines. Catherine Bart/Leader

SCARBOROUGH — The Clambake Seafood Restaurant has been hosting The Don Campbell Band throughout this summer on an outdoor stage, the latest performance was on July 16.

Lead singer songwriter Don Campbell said that the shows are a “win-win,” as loyal patrons of The Clambake, on 354 Pine Point Road, Scarborough, get to enjoy seafood and live music, and Campbell’s band gets to perform for people.

Campbell and his band have been performing in various outdoor venues throughout Scarborough and Portland, he said.

“It’s really fun because it gives a different kind of entertainment than people can’t find on TV or online,” he said. “Live music is something that people are really hungry for because they can’t find it. You can’t go inside yet. I think until there’s a vaccine people will be hesitate to get together indoors. So we need to create a safe atmosphere outdoors for people.”

The Clambake has set up cones and safety measures to prevent people from getting too close to one another, Campbell said. He also appreciates how everyone who comes out to see the band will wear a mask and follow guidelines.

“I’d like to thank the people coming out to these shows for being kind and respectful,” he said. “My band’s full of hand-shakers and huggers, and we’re refraining from doing so. I appreciate that our shows have been non-political as well. It’s just been a bunch of friendly people enjoying a show.”

People maintaining their distance during The Don Campbell Band’s performance at The Clambake Seafood Restaurant on July 16.

Campbell has gone through the Scarborough school system and has been playing in Scarborough for as long as the town has been hosting outdoor concerts, he said.

The band’s website says that Campbell will be playing at The Clambake again on Aug 16.

“In regards of the Clambake, the owners are just fantastic,” Campbell said. “They want to give entertainment to their loyal patrons.”

He added that the stage on which the band performs is provided by the Risbara Brothers Construction, a local company.

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